Friday, February 13, 2009

Ramblings on a Friday the 13th

WOW The first Friday the 13 in 2009 and it was a great day. Started out by doing some window shopping at Joanns and rain into an old friend from "room mom days". Then visit the YMCA and joined for me and the hubby! Can't wait to go water walking!
Tonight we went out to Kel's this wonderful home cooking joint and had the best chicken in a long time. Brought home banana pudding for later tonight.

Finished up this cutie and she will be flying off to a special friend tomorrow.
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I finished up a bunny for Country Fried Primitives and will add her in the morning..
She is just the cutest thing and sits so well on top of my monitor...Think I will call her a 'puter pet. You'll have to visit my shoppe tomorrow to see her but there are some other fun critters on there already

Just have to tell you about this wonderful soap I found on etsy. It is Coffee and Chocolate Beer Soap- Made with Nogne-O Porter Beer and let me tell ya it smells and washing heavenly. You can find some other of their beer soaps at The Beer Soap Company or I took a bath and used it for my hair too! My tired old hair feels and looks wonderful.
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If you have not tried Handmade Soap you are missing out! Next week I will show you around etsy's soap team... CYA/SAFE team shoppes!

Til tomorrow

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