Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pay It Forward Wednesday ...Gotta tell ya about Whiff and Sniff Candles

(graphic by Carm with Shweet Potato Designs.)
Today is Pay It Forward Wednesday! What is Pay it Forward or PIF? Well this is something started a long time ago and talked about on many TV Shows. To me it is Karma like Winn Claybaugh talks about in his book "Be Nice or Else...and what's in it for you". You do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return. Some examples are paying for the person behind you in line at the drive thru. Asking the person at the window to tell the person in the next car to "Have a great day and pay it forward". Maybe it is something as simple as smiling at everyone you see today...saying hello, good morning, good afternoon, etc to every single person you come in contact with. Get the idea.... Nice things bring nice things and believe me when I tell you that if you implement this into your life, as a regular thing you will see the difference it makes.
The smiling and speaking to everyone you see thing, I now do every day.

Now I know I am homebound and don't get out much but I do walk with Chico and we do see folks from our Tree House Patio.We make a point to speak to them from our Tree House or on our walks. I also like to do a little something extra on Wednesdays of each week. When I could drive, I would go to Starbucks on Wednesdays for my coffee habit and always paid for the car behind me. This was something I planned for and used money from my pattern sales to do. Now that I can't drive anymore I had to come up with something special I could do here in my apartments. So we've been here 6 weeks and for each Wednesday we have been here I have taken a note to a different apartment with a small Spring ornament that has lavender inside and hung it on a door. Just wishing them a Happy Day. No info on who it came from just a little note that it is Pay It Forward Wednesday and short explaination on what PIF is.
Last week I took one to each of the gals in the office here at the apt complex. They said they wondered who was spreading the good cheer that the other 5 weeks the person receiving came by the office to thank them and they were preplexed but decided to Pay it Forward themselves from now on.

So today I want to do something a little different for my PIF Wednesday. I want to tell you about an amazing company that I get my tarts/melts from. When every I have extra money I will order a Little Black Box. What is a Little Black Box you ask? Well it is really a little black bag filled with samples of all kinds from all over the place. You can click on Little Black Box and check out the site yourselves. Wonderful samples of all kinds from soap and candles to jewerly and crochet items... and more. Anyways I tried all the tart/melt samples (if you don't know what a tart is, it's a small scented wax thing you burn in an electric or candle melter and makes your home or office smell wonderful) and decided that i love the scent throw and love smell life of Whiff and Sniff Candles the best. So I went to their website and ordered me some. Well I was surprised and pleased to find out THEY are the owners of Little Black Box!
I got my order in last week and OH MY I am in Scent Heaven!

I order the Shooters as seen above and one burning have one going in my tartwarmer right now...second day and it smells as wonderful as it did yesterday.
I ordered the Super Spring Pack and have Petals of Spring:( A fresh spring floral aroma of top notes of freesia, and jasmine, followed by notes of lily of the valley, honeysuckle; base notes of plum and raspberry.) melting right now and have to tell ya when Marty walked in last night from work he asked me if I has on perfume for him...he said I smelled so good. I laughed and told him it was the new melts. He told me I needed to "burn" that one all the time.

So folks my Pay It Forward for Today is to send everyone over to Whiff and Sniff's website to check out what she has to offer. You don't have to buy just go by and see what she has...If you do buy some make sure to check out the Super Spring and Summer Packs.
Well off I go to create 2 Shweet Dollies for a Swap but before I go
Always Remember That YOU are Special and Important in My Life!

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