Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cruising Bartlesville OK

The family took a little trip north of the red river to Bartlesville, Ok last weekend. My sister lives there with her family of teens and we went to visit. I LOVE BARTLESVILLE! Driving through Texas and Ok is fun the sites were awesome and since I love vintage and primitive, you can imagine how much fun i had. Keelee took some snaps as we past of old farms and homes. It was amazing to see the damage of this years ice storms on the trees. WOW!
Once we arrived in Bartlesville we checked into our pet friendly hotel MicoInn and headed to see the family! Everyone in bartlesville is just so nice and friendly. My sister and I talked for hours it seemed like. ALL the kids were laughing at us cause we are both deaf and it seemed to them like we never stopped talking to each other.

Saturday we set out to visit some of the places in Bartlesville that I wanted to see. The first place we visited was the Red Dirt Soap Company in their new downtown location. OH my the wonderful scents that slap you in the face when you open their front door!!!!! All their soap is created right there on site using the cold press method. They carry soaps, bath products and awesome teas. You can check them out online at YOU will not be sorry!

Once we grabbed some lunch we headed out of town to check out Keepsake Candles. I had visited this candleshoppe about 12 years before and wanted to see if it still grabbed my attention like it did them. YES it does and more. To begin with when you pull into the parking lot you are pulling into the neatest log cabin you have ever seen. Outside you will see an old train (not a small one a HUGE one) and old farm equipment. I knew the first time we visited i would love this place. Once inside you will find all kinds of candles! It is so hard to explain the beauty of this shop and i can tell you their website does NOT do them justice. You can see them online at
Let me tell you they make all their own candles right there and you can actually watch them create candles and melts. I brought home one of their very unique candles. Keepsake candles creates a style of candle that is made into a candle. The outer containers are created from a high quality wax into which they pour wax that will melt. YOU will be amazed when you see the containers that they are not the real deal. Teapot candles that are amazing....
Red Dirt Soap N Keepsake candle

Can't wait to share with you the wonderful antique stores we found in Dewey Ok. MAN oh Man
Until later
Sandi says bye

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