Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall is in the Air and NEW Issue of Rusty Tin Roof eZine IS HERE!

Oh my goodness next to Christmas, Fall has to be my most favorite time of the year...well really they are tied in my book. Fall in Texas is really like summer ya know, so I think back to my days growing up in Memphis and the leaves falling from the trees and the wonderful fall smell in the air. Course that was over 30 yrs ago but who is counting (shoot I am lucky to remember that far back).

Tonight was one of those sleepless nights but that is okay for 3 reasons. 1. I celebrated Keelee's 23rd birthday with her today (well really yesterday the 16th). 2. We went to Octoberfest to celebrate her birthday and I walked and drank some wine and watched the music and dancing. Course this is the reason I can't sleep but it is so worth the pain! 3. The new issue of Rusty Tin Roof eZine came out today and it is BIG, so hop over and download your copy or just do what I do read it right there. It is BIG so give it time to download. There are free patterns, food to make, articles that filled my night with reading pleasure and made me want to go sew, craft and maybe even paint a little.

Pop over to and click on the Fall Magazine Cover to get your issue today!
Then come by the Rusty Tin Roof Blog and tell DJ and her staff what you liked about the eZine.

Well off to do some more reading and maybe draw out a pattern or two.
Get ready for Fall Ya'll ..cause it is already here!

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