Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mom finally listed her Doll

Sassy Kassy is Back!
Hi ALL ! Wanted to say Thanks for all the support you have shown Mom and Me and YES I finally finished Paul Mitchell Partner Hair School now i have to take a written and pracital test and then I can go work in a Shoppe. I am still doing hair so if you need your hair cut or colored and you are in the Dallas area give me a jingle 214-802-3503

I am so proud of Mom. She gets up every day even in pain and tries to do a little something and this week she has been working on new ornies. I think she needs to stop and write up her Halloween Ornies as a pattern. They are really cute.
She has this bright Day of the Dead doll she worked on like forever and it has been in out living room just hanging out with all of us. I thought she would do well on eBay but Mom insisted she go to hang out in her Poppy Shoppe first. She also marked down some of her Dolls, so come by and help out my mom get her meds. She will be adding one more new thing to her Poppy Shoppe tomorrow and also new Thanksgiving items to her AB4B Marketplace Shoppe.
OHHHH If you like Halloween Check out ALL the ladies' Poppy Halloween Shoppes too.
Mom's BFF Angie of Angie's Raggedy Patch has a cool Mummy and Mom has a scarey Zombie Ghost.......Come by now before Oct cause you know you need to decorate and get in the Spirit!
Dye ohhh I mean Bye for Now
Sassy Kassy

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