Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the making

SO happy so many folks decided to vote. Whether you are red or blue THANKS for taking the time to cast your vote!
My sister who is also deaf and I are texting back and forth tonight and are very proud to say we are OBAMA MAMMA's. Yes we Voted for Change and look forward to 4 better years.
This election was the first one my Keelee could vote in and Kassy, my 17 year old said she sure wish she could have.
One thing we are praying for is a safe return of our all our brave men and women and that when they leave Iraq it will be better for us being there. We look upward to a better USA. It will take a while for us to get out of this hole we are in but I truly believe we will as a country be better and stronger.

I am so proud to be a member of many many online communities. Because of the internet I have been able to build freindships and business ties with folks all over the world. This holiday season go back to your roots. Back to the time when handcrafted meant something. We invite you to shoppe online and shoppe handmade.
You can find many marketplaces and communities that handmade...Crafted to the best.
Here are a few we would love to invite you to visit.
Neverending Craft Show
Etsy Handmade, Vintage and Supplies
My Etsy Shoppe:
eBay... There are so many wonderful talented artists on eBay
Click on the links below to find my communites

Primtive Country Crafters and Friends PCCF

Lemon Poppy Seeds LPSX

There are many many more and i will be try to showcase a new place for you to visit every few days.

Happy Holidays and Remember FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORNIES in my shoppes!
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Til tomorrow a new day in USA History!

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