Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today is the Day in the ISA

Today is a very important day in the USA! No matter who you like...who you trust to be president or vice president it is important that You get out there and Vote.

The one thing my daddy always said was "If you want to complain about things...YOU MUST VOTE to have have the right to complain". Myself? Voted early so I did not have to wait in the LONG lines...YOU? If you did not vote early I urge you to get out and vote today. Change is coming one way or the other...I pray it is for the better.
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In honor of those who have voted we are offering free shipping on all our doll and ornies in ALL our SHOPPES!
Also if you voted you deserve a thank you gift...Buy one soap get a second same soap free! Soap special is NOVEMBER 4 ...Election Day only!
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