Monday, November 24, 2008

SNOWMEN Here Snowmen there I love Snowmen!

I love Snowmen and living in Texas the only snowfolks we see around here are the one that we create ourselves. We decided to hold a Surprise Deck the Walls party for my Mother In Law. We lost our beloved Dad in July and this will be our first holiday season without him. Thanksgiving we can handle but we wanted to start the Christmas season out in on new note. Since Dad was always really big on decorating the outside of the house Mom decided she was NOT going to do that any more. Just the inside. We decided to invite all our family and friends who have helped his this year over to a Deck the Walls party. Everyone is invited to come and bring one small thing to decorate the INSIDE of Mom's house.
We will be playing holiday music, eating cookies and just having family fun.
Sooooo, I saw this Honey and Me snowman on a website. Well I am more of a "play by ear" sewer so I decided to make a huge snowman for mom. This is my version of a welcoming snowman. He is not a little fella ....60 INCHES TALL and over 10 pounds!
He was a lot of fun to make especially knowing he is going to be surprising Mom on Sunday.
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While I was working on him I decided to draw up some snowmen ornies/bowlfillers... Here are a couple I finished durning the Cowboy game on Sunday...
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I'll be adding them to ebay and my Always Crafty 2 shoppe in the next day or two.

The past year and a half my family as lost 2 very special folks mom and my fil who i call Dad. I know they are still with us in spirit and that is one thing that keeps me going and creating!
Please take the time to tell those around you how much they mean to you. You never know if it will be the last time you can tell them you love them. I told Dad to flicker the lights when he comes to visit and he did just that at his rosary. Several times since then while working on special things for Mom the lights will dim and then come back on full brightness. I know it is Dad letting me know he is here and likes what I am creating!

Have a happy and safe Holiday season and remember Family and Friends ARE the gifts in your life!


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Wolfie said...

What a wonderful idea .... a "deck the walls" party.

I'm sure she'll appreciate all of it.

Great idea!!