Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mutterings from the Tree House

Well, we got moved and almost all unpacked. Now it is time to bring my babies (dolls) from where they have been visiting (storage house) and get them settled (on my bedroom walls). The new place is just wonderful! It is nice n friendly and oh soooo clean and quite. The new place has now been renamed "The Tree House". We have a nice large covered patio that sits high above the ground. So far I have eaten breakfast and lunch out there every day this week.

Chico was not to sure about being up high until he met a freind. That's really all it ever takes at a new place is finding a new friend. Yesterday Chico and I decided to try going down the stairs and for a walk. Yes, I know before all of my friends say something, I know I am not suppose to be going down the stairs without Marty or Kassy here but "Chico made me!" We grabed our poop bag (we are responsible neighbors) and decided to walk around the parking lot, stopping for Chico to sniff and leave his mark. About 4 minutes into our walk I noticed we had picked up a walking companion. Now Chico is not one to take to dogs of any shape or size. Never has been. He is my litter box trained, hearing ear dog who will cuddle up with the cats at Petsmart after being groomed and uses thier litter box. So that being explained you can imagine what our walking companion looked like. It was a beautiful, although very skinny tourtise cat. Chico and this cat seemed to know each other. They sniffed and rubbed each other like old friends. ODD I must say but seeing as I had already decided he was a cat in dog's clothing so to speak, not surprising. After about 10 minutes of walking I got tired and we headed back upstairs. Our friend followed and sat down on the top step (not the stoop) and  looked at Chico as if to say, " Your both home safe, I'll see ya later". We went inside and the cat did not attempt to come in. Interesting and we went about our day til Chico decided he could not wait until Kassy came home and he was not using his box. ... so down we go again.

This time as we opened the door and I took 2 steps down the stairs the cat comes up the stairs and walks down the steps with me. Step by step and Chico is head of me...turning every so often to make sure we were still on our way. Once we got down and made the grassy area these 2 friends started wrestling around on the grass and chasing each other. This cat is batting Chico's tail and he is chasing the cat's too. I am amazed and started to wonder if this means something. If you have read my blogs you know I believe in the afterlife and that our love ones come back to visit us. Marty's dad and my mom would  come to visit me at the old place and I wondered if I would be lucky enough for them to follow me to our Tree House. Last night I told Marty what went on and after a stern fussing about going down the stairs, he wondered the same thing...Could this be dad's way of letting me know he is here with me.

Well, today dawned and Marty and Kassy leave for their day with a promise from me not to go down the stairs which  I have only broken twice. The first time we went down Chico did his business and we headed back up. He  did not look for his friend or even that he was expecting him. So I thought I was reading more into than was there. During the morning we ate breakfast on the patio and I left the door open a little bit and I noticed Chico would go out on the patio and sit like he was listening to someone sitting in the rocking chair I have out there. ODD that is my mom's chair and there was no one there. He did not climb onto the chair but a respectable distance and nodded every so often. Then he came inside and sat on my lap. Chico is not a lap dog at all. Hyper..Yes LAP DOG not at all. Then after lunch on our patio, I came in and he stayed outside. This time he did jump on the chair then rolled over on his back to have his tummy rubbed. He looked just like he does when I rub his belly. Soon he asked to go out and down we went. As yesterday our friend helped escort me down the steps and back up again too. Now to those who don't know I am highly allergic to cats. They get near me and I sneeze and itch. Not sneezing and Not itchin at all.

So I know my spirit family has followed me but just not sure who the cat is helping. I think both mom and dad where talking to Chico today and tomorrow I will share a little more about our visitors in our new home The Tree House.

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