Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Shweet Potato Doll Pattern

Mom really loves living in our new apartment. As you know she has renamed it "The Tree House". It is nice and quite and knock on wood that is not simply because no one lives downstairs :)
Mom seems to be doing better and she even wrote up a new pattern! This pattern is so cute and can be prim, plush, homespun, satin, shabby chic or anyway you want to make it up. Mom made up a brood of these bunnies last year and gave them out to some of our friend's little sisters and send one to live in Iraq too.
She decided to write the pattern up so you can create your own brood too. This pattern is so simple and easy to make up WE COULD DO IT! That is if mom did the machine sewing first.

Shweet Easter Bunny Doll PDF Paper Pattern

Shweet Easter Bunny Doll PDF Paper Pattern

Easter is just around the corner and you can whip up a brood of these cute Shweet Easter Bunnies ...

Price: US$6.00

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Keep your eyes out for the next issue of Rusty Tin Roof. Mom sent in her Shweet Peeps pattern free for all the readers. Get signed up so you know when the issue hits the net

Til later.....
Keelee and Kassy

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The Muse said...

your little love visions ALWAYS bring a smile to my musey heart...

gosh they are just so darn cute!

and wonderful news about your mom, so glad to hear that!