Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Thank You God" From the Shweet Tree House

You know we really like living upstairs...it is our Shweet Tree House. The balcony or patio is HUGE! Chico and I sit outside and just relax and enjoy the peace and quite. Chico is learning all about things he has not been exposed to before like flowers and nice neighbors and trains. The first time a train went by (and we only see maybe one a day...no biggie) he stood on the back of the sofa and barked and barked. Today he came and got me when the train was coming. I guess he could hear it way before I could see it. He pulled onto the Tree House Patio and we stood at the edge watching for it to show up.
WOW this time the train was a bright RED!

We are not sure if it is the new place our our new found "nice". But just seeing a train makes me smile!
Saying Happy Birthday Orville out loud Makes me Happy!  Remembering that TODAY is my baby brother's birthday is a special Thank YOU GOD in itself!

Soaping is on hold for while I study a new way of soaping for us.
I'm spending time each day reading books to help me improve my memory and myself.
Kassy handed me "Be Nice or Else" by Winn Claybaugh, who she has had the honor of meeting through her Paul Mitchell School. If you have not heard of this author and speaker check out his site
I hope one day to meet him but until then I am reading his book and putting it into action in my own life.
Today's Example from his book...
"Repeat "Nice Mantras" 100 times a day.
So today and everyday this week I will be saying outloud (since it is just me and Chico here) or you can say your silently... "Thank You God".
Thanks for my new Tree House to live in. Thanks for the train that comes by for us to see. Thanks for my friends who live in the box on my computer desk. Thanks for my beautiful family.
I just put post it's on the Fridge, bath room mirror and sewing machine that say
"Thank You God"
So on that note I am going to leave you for now...Off to fix me something to eat on the patio of my Shweet Tree House with my hearing ear baby Chico...
Thank you God!
*Shweet Sandi and Chico*

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winnclaybaugh said...

Hi Sandi!

Thank you so much for your very kind words about my book. You made my day and warmed my heart. But the most important thing for me was the fact that you are spreading the word and teaching others about this BE NICE easier way of life.

I am very honored, to say the least!

XOXO, Winn Claybaugh
Dean, Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Schools
Author of BE NICE (OR ELSE!)
Email: Wclaguna@aol.com
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