Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Mutterings from the Shweet Tree House...A Shinning Star at CCC Paul Mitchell Partner School in Carrollton, TX

Every 4 to 6 weeks I visit the Paul Mitchell Partner School in Carrollton, TX to get my hair done and a little pampering. I discovered the school when Kassy decided to go there for her Costmetology training. Yes my Kassy pampers her mom but the nicest thing is the way I am treated in the school from the minute I am greeted at the door, sign in at the desk and head back to consult with my beautiful daughter. I leave myself in her hands and I tell ya she has amazing hands. I get a 5 minute head and shoulder massage when she washes my hair that is amazing. (Wish she would do that at home too.) She gives me a PM shine sometimes in a color other times I have a tint. She cuts my hair and I am amazed at how wonderful I feel.
NOW let me tell ya about the Shinning Star at the school besides my beautiful daughter Kassy. Kassy has a teacher who never ceases to amaze me. Her name is Ms. Theresa and she remembers me and my name when she sees me. She takes time to come by and speak with me and not just because Kassy might be checking with her on a cut or process but because she CARES.
If you read my last post from The Tree House you  know Kassy shared with me a book by Winn Claybaugh titled "Be Nice or Else". On page 14 he talks about Oxymorons. Remember we are talking about Being Nice not just to others but begining with yourself.
He says "Before leaving this topic of habits, traits and characteristics of not nice people, there 's one more group I have to include. These are the professionals whose very job description requires them to be kind, caring, loving individuals. ..... Mean Teachers .....When a teacher is mean or comes from a place of ego, the doors of learning in the minds of students slam shut. Being educated, humble and nice are the greatest skills a gifted teacher could possess in order to facilitate the beautiful experience of learning."

This humble, nice and very gifted teacher is Ms Theresa at CCC Paul Mitchell Partner School in Carrollton, TX. She not only brings a smile to my face every time I go in, she teaches my child and other  young and not so young adults the importance of "Being Nice". I think that Saturday when I go in for my next hair appointment, I will bring something special for my 2 Shinning Stars. They deserve a special thanks and so much more.

If you live in the Dallas area and want to get a good cut and should really come by the school. Remember these are students and the teachers work with them so be prepared to give extra time for you service and I can assure you that you will not be dissappointed.
You can always ask for my Shinning Star... Kassy Ramirez when you call
Cosmetology Career Center
2389A Midway Rd
Carrollton (N. Dallas Area), TX
(972) 669-0494

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