Saturday, December 20, 2008

Been a rough week here in Dallas

This has been a really odd week here in Dallas. We've gone from 80 degree temps to down in the 20s. From needing the AC to having to run the heaters and it looks to keep up this ever changing weather trend.
On December 16 one of the senior girls at Kassy's high school was in a horrible car wreck. She is in the ICU at Parkland Hospital here in Dallas and could sure use all the prayers you can give. Her name is Andria please offer up some healing prayers when you kneel at night.

Well it's the Saturday before Christmas and time to get busy in the kitchen. I am making my famous Sizzling Salsa for gifts and holiday parties and after that I am going to make up some of my mom and grandma's favorite cookies.
Here is a simple fun cookie recipe you can make for your family this holiday season! I bet Santa would love a few of these when he stops at your home Christmas Eve.

Sand Tarts
(4 dozen)

½ lbs sugar
½ cup sifted confectioner’s sugar
2 cups shifted cake flour
1 cup chopped pecans
1 teaspoon vanilla

Cream butter, add sugar. Stir well
Add flour, nuts and vanilla. Stir.
Shape into balls or crescents.
Bake on un-greased cookie sheet at
325 degrees for 20 minutes or
Until lightly brown.
Roll in confectioner’s sugar while warm.

Store or freeze in tight container.

Until tomorrow....... Many Holiday Blessings headed your way.


Malissa said...

yummy! These sound like pecan sandies that I love. I'm going to try some out!
Merry Christmas!

The Muse said...

Certainly will send out prayers!