Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Day Special

Don't laugh but here in Dallas, TX we don't get much of the frozen stuff. When we do the city almost stops. We have below freezing temps and a small amount of water in the air so that makes for thin sheets of ice on the roads and walkways. My hubby got into work okay in the old station wagon but i have the new explorer and Kassy and I are staying inside nice and warm. She's suppose to be at school BUT Mommy walked outside and fell so she is not going anywhere. The school will have to just understand or deal as she says.

SO since I am home working on special Monkeys for the neices and nephews Christmas gifts I decided to have a special Winter day Special. If you visit my etsy shoppe you will find 2 HUGE Soap Cakes. Both Cakes are over 4 pounds of soaping goodness!
The cakes look like real bundt cakes that you can display and cut up into slices, slip into cello bags (You will get with the cake) and send home with your holiday guests. I think this is just a fun way to end a holiday gathering. I have one ready for our EVIE Celebration for my family ...NOW you can order one for your family AND It if free shipping!
Come over and get yours today. We only have one of each cake left!
Lemon Pound Cake

( we can cut the slices for you and put the cake back together)
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Lemon Poppy Seeds Bundt Cake
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The Muse said...

i am amazed at these!