Monday, December 8, 2008

There are some wonderful souls out there and ONE Special Angel in Bartlesville OK

Okay let me just say I am highly allergic to cats. I love them so much but they really really make me sick. When I head north to Bartlesville to visit my sister and her family I have to take mega doses of meds just so we can visit. I do it cause I love my family and all her 4 legged babies.

My sister sent me this...Hope it is okay I am passing it forward. Soon as I find out who this wonderful soul is they will be getting some Sassy Soaps in the mail as a big huge THANKS..... Please read's a bit long but oh so worth it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A kitty miracle!
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This is "the rest of the story" concerning the giant cat I brought home the other day.

When I walked into the "kitchen" at the SPCA to check my fosters out to see if they had healed there was a cat in a carrier on top of the freezer. I looked at him and said hi and other nice things and then it hit me, there is never a good reason for an animal to be in that room if there isn't an examination going on. I said to the workers "what are you doing with this cat?" and one woman just shrugged her shoulders. I had just interrupted a euthanization. I looked at the cat again and said "Whats wrong with it? It looks like a perfectly good cat" and the reply was that he had a spot the size of a pencil eraser of ringworm on his ear and that they don't deal with ringworm in the shelter. This is their method of stopping the disease.

I reached over and grabbed the carrier and stuck it on the floor between my feet protectively and said "You're not killing this cat, he is going home with me."

And I took him home.

The truth is I cried on the way home, I felt really overwhelmed and I was dissapointed at the prospect of the continued responsibility of all the kittens at least thru the first of the year. I have to keep them out in the cat cage and it means modifications now with cold weather here. I am done with all these kittens in my house even part-time... my personal cats are upset and it is too cold to have them feel like they have been run out of their own home.

So, bringing what turned out to be an 18 pound cat the size of an Ocelot into the house was a bit much for me, but I couldn't let him be murdered over a spot of ringworm.

So, yesterday the SPCA called, they have a prospective owner for the cat. Seems that the people had lost a cat that looks like this one and they had seen it on the website. Their cat had been missing for a year and a half. I told the girl to come over... she looked at the cat and wasn't sure and brought her mom back today.

Seems mom didn't need any one else's opinion and was very happy to say that this was her cat. She even brought pictures to prove it.

This cat was literally seconds from being killed and stuck in the SPCA deep freeze until it could be taken to the dump... and I was lucky enough to walk in at just the right moment.

I am so thankful to have been in the right place at the right time to have made a difference. Even though I didn't know how I could do it it worked out fine. In a few days the people are going to readopt their cat (and yeah I know, even though they were going to kill it, the original owners still have to do it to get it back.)

Luke, as his family calls him is going home after a long journey and even though the SPCA workers were laughing at me (in a friendly way) for trying to save them all and never being able to succeed... I took their ribbing and left with him anyway just like I have left with countless other cats.

This time there is a happy ending!

Now, I want to say that I mean no ill will ever for the folks at the SPCA, they are doing the best they can with what they have. Problem is they don't have much and there is only so much you can do. I know they can't save them all... I know I can't. However you can do something to help. Donate, Volunteer, and spay and nueter your pets and any strays that you meet. If you know of an animal that needs to be fixed, take it upon yourself to do it! You can eliminate suffering with this simple kind act.

Check Luke and his family (My big sister Elsie and neice Lesley) out.

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I really can't wait til we head up north for our next visit. My chico loves her cats and he is only 6 pounds...wonder what he will think about BIG LUKE???
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Diana said...

What an amazing story, Beautiful..How Blessed that kitty is in so many ways..

Liz said...

It is so sad our this happens all the time but I am glad there was a nice ending.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Beautiful story, just amazing. One lucky kitty..

Laura said...

What a wonderful story! Thank goodness you were there and took him!!

Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

OH I just posted the story. It all happened up in far north OK. Luke is my 4 legged furry nephew.
It is a miracle isn't it... He is getting to go home to my sister's today and i know the other 4 and 2 legged family members will be so happy to see him.