Saturday, December 13, 2008

Boomer Sooners One Down BCS to GO!

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Man Man oh Man alive I am very excited! Can you tell! My sister and her kids live in upstate Ok. I love to go visit them and if we ever won the lottery you can bet your boots that is where we would buy some land and settle down. Not to sure how my Dallas born and bred hubby would survive but long as he has his football, basketball and hockey I think he'd be fine.

My 2 of my neices go to college or I should say the university in OK. One goes to OU and the other goes to OSU. Don't ya know they have had a fun house this NCAA season! My sister watches and roots for both schools.

Both Elsie and I are deaf so we can't use the phone but we sure do burn up the texting when football is playing! Tonight was awesome! I think my upstairs neighbors might complain with all the hollarin and stomping I did all by myself when they announced Sam Bradford won the 2008 Heisman! I scared' ole Chico right out of his red and white sweater.
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I know I know I live in Texas and should have been rooting for Colt and it would have been fine had he won but it is awesome that Sam won! NOW if I could just talk Kassy into going to OU I would be set. They do have a great AG dept there...Maybe in 2 years after she gets her Community college done she'll look north of the border.

Well tonight is OU's Night and better said it is Sam Bradford's Night!
Congrats ...Heal the hand... and go out and Beat the gators.
OU MUST win on Jan 8!


Anonymous said...

Sandi, this is Sissy from "Cissy's Country Cottage".

So glad to see that you re a Sooner Fan living in Texas. I'm a season ticket holder and go to all of the home games.

We are so proud of Sam, he is such a humble young man.

We will Cheer together when thre Sooner's meet the Gater's.


Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

It' funny i grew up in Memphis, TN and was a huge OLE MISS Fan...Archie Manning and all. Hated the tennessee teams. UNTIL Peyton started Playing for TN. When we moved to Texas I was sill in College in Jackson Tn but we had no football team so I picked a Texas team to "adopt" and it was Texas A&M. I really thought Kassy would be going there but she is actally looking for towards OU or University of Arkansas after Community College. So my neice being at OU I have falled in love with OU sports. I emailed her last night and told her her old auntie could sure us a new autograph to go on my sports wall. (Seems she knew most of the players). We;; see! BE a nice Holiday gift!

Boomer Sooners!
AND I'm hopeing he stays at OU for a while.