Sunday, December 7, 2008

Football Football and More Football

In my house FOOTBALL is what one lives on Saturdays and Sundays! OH MY Thank heavens for texting cause my sister and I are both deaf and we both love to talk football especially Texas and Oklahoma College Football. I live in Texas and my sister lives in way upstate Oklahoma in a town named Bartlesville. She has a house full kids. One goes to OSU (Oklahoma State Univ), one goes to OU (Oklahoma University) and 2 are still in high school.

So you can imagine how much fun fall is for us. Now I love the Aggies but they don't do so well so I love to follow the Sooner (that's OU). If one of my girls went to Texas then I would change who I follow...ya get me.

Well today the BSC come out with it's compuater decision on who will play for the national championship. They got number 1 right ...BOOMER SOONERS but number 2 they messed up on....... I thing OU should be playing Texas. The only team they lost to this year was Texas and they had the SAME record.
OH well when the NCAA wakes up and asks ME how they should decide the National Title winner then it will be all right.
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NOW the other FOOTBALL TEAM we never miss is the Dallas Cowboys. I tell ya I was never so happy to see a Yankee than when Tony Romo's pinkie healed and he came back on the field. TODAY oh well you win some you loose some.
Today my dammit doll got the stuffings beat out of it.
What??? You don't have a Dammit doll...(or dang it if you watch your mouth).
Football, Basketball (don't get me on the Mavs), Soccer or just about any sport you can think of I can make ya one. They are small dolls that you can beat the snuff out of when your team is doing bad. I added lavender to mine to help me de-stress after a cowboy loss.
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Come on over and check them out...... They would make perfect gifts or stocking stuffers for the Sports fan on your list.
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You can find them in our Always Crafty 2 shoppe and also in our etsy shoppe§ion_id=5598139

We make these dolls for all kinds of teams, sports, illnesses and even military. Just drop us a note if you want one made for you.

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